Akorn Apothecary Wholesale Catalog

Thanks for your interest in purchasing wholesale from Akorn Apothecary.

From the beginning, we have endeavored to create pure, natural ingredient body & self-care products for individuals and families. Our primary product focus is in zero-waste bar soaps including a variety of body bars & dish soap bars. We also innovate the use of potent botanical ingredients such as herbs, clays & plant powders into other care & beauty regimen items like our body oils, face masks, and steam facials. All our products are made with natural, botanical ingredients and most are vegan friendly. All our products are made in-house by the Akorn Apothecary team.

Our company was founded on a personal need for wholesome, dependable, & effective products. It grew and expanded with the discovery that so many others suffer from sensitivities and allergies to commercial soaps and washes and are seeking for better options. Our goal is to expand access to our natural products & help those who desire ingredient transparency, powerful back-to-roots methods, & simple botanical wisdom without sacrificing beauty or functionality. With Akorn Apothecary you get beautiful, handmade, carefully curated product every time. It is one of our passions to promote community wellness through the connection of local nature. We look forward to working with you to reach all members of our communities. 

To receive a copy of our wholesale catalog, fill out the contact form below. The minimum order requirements to qualify for wholesale pricing is 15 bars OR a $100 order minimum for a mix of bar/non bar soap products at wholesale pricing - whichever is reached first. In either case, a minimum of 5 bars per scent will be required for wholesale orders. 

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